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We are a charity funding research to cure primary ciliary dyskinesia.

primary ciliary dyskinesia pcd research

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia


Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) is a rare inherited condition that affects 1 in 7,500 people in the UK.

Motile cilia are the microscopic hairs that beat in the airways and sinuses, clearing out secretions and infections. In PCD, the cilia are abnormal and unable to move in the usual way, such that secretions and infections affect the lungs, sinuses, ears and nose. Cilia are also important for the propulsion of sperm, so fertility may be affected too.

At present the only treatment for PCD is chest physiotherapy to try to prevent and slow lung function decline. PCD is a life altering and life shortening condition, and people with PCD have been found to have worse lung function than those with cystic fibrosis. This will mean for some people that they will need a lung-transplant.

Our aim is to improve treatment options for people with PCD, by funding important and life-saving research.

We receive no governmental funding to support our research and rely entirely on the support of the general public to continue to funding pioneering research. If you would like to learn more about our research process, please visit our ‘For Researchers‘ section.

Find out more about the symptoms of PCD ‘here‘.

primary ciliary dyskinesa life saving research

Meet the families affected by PCD

While children and adults with PCD may look healthy, unfortunately PCD is a progressive disease, where lung function declines over time.

People with PCD face huge challenges from the disease, the treatment burden of daily chest physiotherapy, and frequent courses of antibiotics in an attempt to reduce the rate of lung function decline.

Some people with PCD will need lung transplants.

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Join our fundraising events!

We are delighted to be partnering with ‘London Landmarks Half Marathon”‘ on the 2nd April 2023.

We are delighted to have 15 people running for PCD Research. If you would like to support our runners, we would really welcome you to come along and help cheer them on!

primary ciliary dyskinesia pcd research

Become a Volunteer

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers and fundraisers. For support and fundraising ideas, download our guide below.

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PCD Support UK is a separate charity dedicated to supporting people in the UK with PCD.

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