Research We are Funding

Together with the MRC funded Nucleic Acid Therapeutic Accelerator (NATA) we will be funding a two year post-doctoral fellowship (£250,000) to start Q3 2022.

The scope of this project will be to investigate the delivery / optimisation of nucleic acid therapeutics such as mRNA and antisense with the aim of functional restoration of ciliary function.

In recognition of the breath of application represented in this project, is our mission to be goal-focussed rather than pathway driven. The aim being to spur novel ideas across multiple genres under a common purpose. The additional upside to this project, is that has the added significant potential for the post-doc to perform in vivo validation using the inducible mouse model in the second year, which is located next door to NATA at the Mary Lyon Centre, Harwell.

We are now looking for specific project proposals from people who would like to be a supervisor. To be eligible, any overseas supervisors will need to partner with a supervisor based in the UK. Applications must be received by the 28th February 2023.

If you would like to find out more and details of how to apply please email